Thursday, 19 March 2015


So here it is, my secrets to my everyday flawless complexion!

On a daily basis I use drugstore products, they're cheaper and work just as well as high end products.
Here's a step by step guide to what I do, hopefully it's useful and if you do have any tips and tricks, please share by leaving a comment. Enjoy guys.


I haven't found the best moisturiser for my face just yet. but I am loving Bio Oil. Sounds a bit weird I know, but my skin colour on my face is so uneven, plus it's super dry due to the cold weather. So by patting a few drops into my skin with my fingertips works wonders!
Of course let it soak in for at least 20 minutes, in the mean time you could be doing your hair, ironing the shirt you've chosen to wear or simply on instagram/facebook/youtube.

Once it's soaked in and doesn't feel greasy I spritz my face with Urban Decay's B6 Prep Spray. This is a vitamin spray which reduces redness and helps minimise the look of pores. I absolutely love this product and use it everyday even if I'm not wearing makeup.


So on a day to day basis if I do go out I'll apply a BB Cream for moisture and a light coverage. I do wear foundations if I feel like I need more coverage or on occasions. I've gone through many different BB Creams and I've finally found a decent one.Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector in Medium. It is a bit oily so apply in moderation, plus you really don't need much. I apply using Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

I then conceal using Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, using a lighter shade for my undereye area and any other areas with a shade that matches my skin tone. I apply using my ring finger in a patting motion for maximum
coverage. It's so funny because this was the first ever concealer I bought when I was about 13. And up to now it still is my favourite! By the way I'm turning 22! Amazing amazing amazing.


Image result for real techniques white face brushI then set my entire face with a powder. If I don't, my foundation/bb cream will go patchy,especially when I apply bronzer/blusher.
I'm always trying different powders out, from Collection 2000 Translucent Loose Powder, to Maybelline True Match and
Rimmel Stay Matte powder. And honestly they seem to all work fine with my skin. Oh and I apply using the the biggest brush in this set by Real Techniques.


I then add my favourite matte bronzer by Kiko, unfortunately it is limited edition, anyone know any matte bronzer to try out? I do contour if I'm bothered but most days I'm lazy or don't have time.

Then on top of that matte bronzer I use Urban Decay's Flushed Palette. This is amazing because it has a shimmery bronzer, highlight and a beautiful blusher all in one! Also saves me space in my makeup bag LOL.


Urban Decay All Nighter Make-Up Setting Spray 118ml
All done! Joke one more step, setting spray.
I used Urban Decay's All Nighter, and this makes such a huge difference I honestly don't know what I would do without it. Ok now I'm done. LOL

I hope this gives you guys a few tips and new products to try out for yourself.
If you do have any recommendations please let me know !

Speak soon

Much LoveMonica xo 

Sunday, 15 March 2015


Watching William Singe on Youtube bought back feelings of how I used to love singing and listening to other vocalist, so I spent hours on Youtube and came across a trio by the name ALL ABOUT SHE. And boy am I happy !

They are super talented and the singer Vanya Taylor has such an angelic hypnotising voice.
I literally just zone out and feel my body moving to the beat and voice on each of their videos.

Here's my favourite cover they done last year.


Much Love
Monica xo

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


So Mothers Day is coming up this Sunday. And I always get stuck on what to gifts to buy.
I came up with a couple ideas and thought to share them with you guys.
Hopefully it helps and gives you guys ideas !

1. A basket full of goodies. THE ULTIMATE GIFT
I always see this gift on all occasion. A basket full of little goodies, so inexpensive and also very  thoughtful as you have to hand pick a few gifts not just one.
What you could fill it in with:  Candles, night wear, wine, chocolates and other edible treats, bath bombs/lotions, new dvds, a coffee mug. I could go on but you get the drift.

2. Beauty box
If you want to be a bit more fancy and you know your Mother well enough, you could create a beauty box. A box filled with makeup, perfume, nail polish, face cleansers and creams and her favourite perfume.
This is a tricky one though because you'd need to know what colours she wears often. But I know this gift will always be a winner, every female loves makeup !

3. Personalised Gifts
If you've given your Mum,Mother of your kids,Grandma or Mother in law everything you can think of, try a personalised gift. A photo album with all your favourite pictures of her with yourself or just her in general, include daily quotes to change it up a bit. A personalised phone case, these are super cute. A personalised coffee mug, just to remind her of you every morning ! CHEEKY ! Or a keyring.

My favourite personalised gift is BOOMF. Marshmallows with your pictures or quotes on them ! How cool is that, order by 12 noon on Thursday 12th of March to receive yours by Mothers Day.

4. Jewellery
Every woman loves jewellery, as long as it's real LOL. From rings to necklaces and bracelets it's all up to you !

Remember it's not always about how much you spend, you could simply give your Mum a card, flowers, breakfast in bed and a day off from all the housework, I think she'd appreciate that more than anything !

I hope you all enjoy Mothers Day,
And Happy Mothers Day in advance to all you amazing Mothers out there !
It's a tough job but the most rewarded, You are truly amazing and keep it up !

Much Love
Monica xo


Honestly I just look past all these singing videos on Facebook, but for some reason this one video kept coming on my homepage. So I decided to watch it and boy am I glad I did !

They talented guy singing in the video is William Singe. Known for being on the fourth season of The Xfactor Australia when he was just 19 ! He auditioned as a soloist but was then put into a four piece band called The Collective, however on 18th February 2015 he announced on Facebook he was leaving the band to pursue a solo career.

I really hope he blows up and wish him all the best !

Here's a link for his Youtube page, please subscribe like and comment.

Sunday, 8 March 2015


I always get asked what foundation do I use, but to be honest it's never just one. I switch it up all the time. Not only do I use liquid but I also use powders if i'm in a rush or just want a more natural look. Here are my top 5 and my opinion on them. Enjoy !

£31 - House Of Fraser

Medium to heavy coverage. Buildable and photographs amazingly.
20 shades with pink or yellow undertones. From fair to dark.
Only downfall is you have to purchase a pump.
 I apply it with Urban Decays Optical Blurring Brush and POW you instantly look airbrushed! Amazing foundation can't rave about it enough.


£8.99 - Boots
I use this when i'm not going anywhere fancy, but still want my complexion to look good. It's staying power is unbelievable. It last hours on hours without getting patchy, streaky or oily. Apply with a beauty blender for even coverage. Only thing to point out is the colour range. It took me a few tries to find my colour. They do have more of a pink undertone, so be aware ! 


£21.50 - MAC Cosmetic store.
This used to be my all time favourite a few years ago. I recently rediscovered it and i'm still madly in love with it. Such good coverage and colour matches me perfectly. However when  I greet people with hugs I find it rubs onto their clothes A LOT ! How embarrassing, but I know its happened to you reading this ! No matter what I try it doesn't seem to stay on lol. Apply with any brush, wouldn't recommend it to those with oily skin.


£29.50 - House Of Fraser
This foundation is flawless. I find that it does dry quickly, so you have to apply it as quick as possible. It stays in place throughout day/night and although it has SPF 10 it pictures quite nicely. Giving you that flawless glowing look. Best of all it is oil free, doesn't oxidize, and feels extremely light. 


£27 - House Of Fraser
I'm pleasantly surprise with this foundation. It stays on my face for most of the day, doesn't go patchy and colour match is perfect. It is a demi-matte finish which I prefer. 18 Colours in the range which also has pink and yellow undertones. Plus their darkest foundation is amazing when doing contouring. And apparently Kim Kardashian West wore it for her wedding. I mean who doesn't want to look like Kim K?


Much Love,
Monica xo

REVIEW : Maybelline Dream Flawless Foundation

I'm a huge fan of drugstore beauty products, especially Maybelline, but I haven't heard much hype about this foundation,however I was dying to try something new.
I popped into boots with my older sister and purchased it.

Pros :
Great coverage. Medium to heavy
Buildable without looking caked on.
Velvet matte finish, smooth and not patchy/streaky

Cons :
Taking pictures with flash is a straight NO NO.(unless you like the look of a ghost)
Glass applicator.Super dangerous if it chips.

Nothing more to say about it, just that I would never recommend it.
Sorry Maybelline but this did not amaze me at all.
1 STAR.. if that.

Much Love,
Monica xo

Thursday, 5 March 2015


Every girl knows how important brows are !
They are what frame the face.
Now they don't have to be exactly the same but having them similar will do.
Remember brows are not twins they are sisters !

Here's a few points on how to use my favourite brow products !

1. Soap and Glory Archery.
£10 - Boots
Felt tip on one end, which tints the eyebrows, giving them a more natural look.
Pencil end to add more definition.
Then lightly brush with a spoolie to smoothen out.

MAYBELLINE-EYESTUDIO-LASTING-DRAMA-GEL-EYELINER-24H-10-ULTRA-VIOLET         2. Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner
            £8 - Boots

 You're probably thinking "that's gel eyeliner" but trust me it works wonders! The gel in the liner helps your brows stay in place and gives it a sleek sharp finish!
It also comes with a small brush, this is perfect because it is so precise.
However do not use at the beginning of the brow, you'll end up looking like you've used a sharpie! Instead start just before the middle of your brow and use a spoolie to brush the product lightly onto the beginning of your brow for a more natural look.

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil - Click to view larger image3. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil
£2.99 - Boots

This is what I find myself going back to, Well done Rimmel!
Has lovely shades. I find it hard to find a off black, but Rimmel do brown-black pencil which is perfect! So easy to use, draw on, brush and go ! For those on the go or for those who love simplicity.
And the cheapest product on my list. Definitely 5 Stars from me!

Of course tweezing, threading or waxing help your brows look good to, but ever had them tinted? Makes a huge difference and you wouldn't need to fill them in as much. Please make sure you have a patch test before hand to avoid an accident ! Benefit cosmetics and HD brows I would highly recommend.

And if you are looking for the perfect product for your brows please make sure they have no red/orange undertones, unless you like the look. Practice makes perfect !
Hope this helped anyone out there !

Much Love
Monica xo  


I know this sounds silly but as much research I done whilst pregnant I still missed some  bits out. Although they may sound silly to you and you may think "well duhhhh", becoming a mum is a lot of work. Even whilst pregnant your head is all over the place,coming to terms with everything. But enough explain myself. Enjoy the read guys xx

1. Engorged Breasts !
A few days after having my son, my breast started to swell and felt like it had been battered by a bat. I had no idea why, so I grabbed my phone and googled my symptoms.
Symptoms : Swelling, tender, hot, throbbing hard and lumpy.
It may also extend to your armpit. Which unfortunately mine did ! It lasted for 3-4 days and hurt even more once I took my bra off. I found that placing something hot on my breast helped a lot !

2. No Milk !
Up to this day I have no idea why I wasn't producing enough milk. No matter what I tried. I can honestly say I tried every trick in the book to help, even worse my son wasn't latching on properly. But what made things worst is the guilt I felt once I gave up trying. So I encourage every new mum to try their hardest even if your newborn isn't latching on properly. Get help from your midwife and if all fails, at least you know you've tried your very best !

3. Changing Teats ! 
I had no clue you had to keep changing the teats of the bottles (if you are using them). If your baby is choking or has milk leaking from his/her mouth it indicates that the flow of the teat is too fast. so switch it up depending on what teat they have.

4. Babies Suffer From Wind Too !
My son would cry for so long even after he had been fed, changed and burped. He'd kick his legs out and throw punches in the air, he was clearly agitated until he let one out. LOL. Sounds silly but was heartbreaking watching him cry like that. So I invested in a few colic bottles and find it does help, but most important is that you burp your baby even if you haven't fed him/her.

5. Shivers After Birth !
I gave birth mid November, and by then it was freezing. I got shivers so bad and sudden that my boyfriend thought I was acting. It was horrible, it would hit me as soon as I left the house or car, so bad that my teeth would chatter so fast. I hate having shivers and up to now still get them every now and then.

6. I Cry A LOT !
I heard a few people tell me I would cry in the beginning. But this is not the case. I cry happy tears almost every time I hold my son and just stare at him, whilst he's in such a deep peaceful sleep. I can not believe this tiny being is half of me, that I carried him for 9 months, that he is with me for the rest of my life.

Much Love
Monica xo

1. My Pregnancy Journey

I've always dreamt about this moment.
This moment where everything changes.
The moment my life is not about me anymore.
The magical moment I step into motherhood.

1. Finding out.
So it all started once we (James & I) came back from a trip to the Philippines. As soon as we got back to London,had a day of rest then back to usual work, I started feeling light headed and nausea. At first I thought it was due to being jet-lagged or not eating breakfast. But a few days later the feeling remained.
So one morning I decide to go and purchase not one, not two but three pregnancy test of three different brands. So I've done a wee on one. Waited and it's positive. At this point I was calm. I had two other test to do and thought this first could be the only positive. Done the second one. Waited. This time I'm nervous. I see one bold line and then a faint line next to it ! Ran into the bedroom,waved the test around James' face shouting "I'm pregnant". He couldn't believe it and made me do the third. Of course same results !

2. Confirming and informing THE PARENTS.
So the same day straight after waving the third pregnancy test around and having a few tears fall, we ran over to the clinic and they confirmed it. There I cried a ton. A ton of happy tears, nervous and scared tears. A few days later I had an appointment at my family gp. That same time my dad was there ! What a coincidence. He asked why I weren't at work and what I was doing there. I looked at James. I wasn't ready to tell my dad. But I had to. Surprisingly his reaction wasn't what I expected. He had a smile and screamed WHAT. Then shook James' hand and gave me a hug. Once that appointment was done we made our way back to the house. James' mum asked what we were doing home. James replied "hello grandma".

3. The 9 months.
First trimester was the hardest. Always feeling like everything I ate or drank would come right back up ! Ankles,knees and feet aching. And not having an appetite! Hated all the blood test that had to be done. I shit myself over needles.

Second trimester was much better. Feet were swollen a lot still, ached all the time due to work but found my appetite. Still didn't fully hit me that I was pregnant. Started my antenatal classes and bumped started to show, made me more confident to wear my "baby on board" badge whilst traveling. Not going to lie London is horrible and barely anyone offered me a seat :(

Third trimester. The most exciting part. I started to have the 'I am pregnant' waddle. I started to think about labor a lot more. Visited the Birthing Centre and got babas cot, closet, clothes, bathing equipment and other bits ready.  Worst part was the pelvic pains. Trying to get up from sitting down or laying was so painful I cried a few times. However was extremely excited and kept unpacking and packing my hospital bag incase I forgot anything.

Watch out for my labor experience post !

Much Love
Monica xo